The Public Trustee and Guardian (PTG) is an ACT Territory Authority. By legislation enacted in 2016, the former offices of the Public Trustee for the ACT and the Guardianship Unit of the Public Advocate of the ACT became merged as the Public Trustee and Guardian with effect from 1 April 2016.

Public Trustees exist in all states/territories of Australia. It is important to note however that Public Trustees and Public Guardians in each state/territory are not connected to one another and do not share the same legislation, governance, funding or accountability arrangements.

The operations and functions of the Public Trustee and Guardian are established by the Public Trustee and Guardian Act 1985. The Public Trustee and Guardian is the Chief Executive Officer of that Authority.

We exist to provide permanent and secure Trustee, Guardianship and Administration services to the ACT community.

Our services include:

  • will-making (where the Public Trustee and Guardian is appointed executor);
  • administering deceased estates under will or in intestacy;
  • acting as attorney under Enduring Power of Attorney;
  • trustee for trusts created in Wills, Deeds and Court Orders for families, infants and people with disabilities;
  • acting as agent for the Territory to receive, manage and dispose of assets forfeited under the Confiscation of Criminal Assets Act 2003;
  • administer moneys declared unclaimed under the Unclaimed Money Act 1950, Legal Practitioners Act 2006 and Agents Act 2003, including receiving moneys, processing claims and investing funds;
  • investing moneys held in specified government trust funds;
  • acting for people with disabilities where ordered by a Court;
  • acting as Manager and Guardian of Last Resort under appointment by the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal;
  • providing an annual examination of the accounts maintained by external managers on behalf of people with impaired decision-making ability; and
  • act as administrator for the ACT Official Visitor Scheme and Chair the Official Visitors Board.

Our guiding principles are reflected in our Mission, Vision and Values, and are applied to decision-making, policy development and service delivery.

Our vision

Protection and support of rights, choices, security and justice for all persons in the ACT Community.

Our mission

Safeguard, manage and uphold the personal, legal and financial interests of our clients by:

  • Building and fostering trust in the delivery of our services
  • Connecting with clients, the community and stakeholders in service delivery
  • Promoting our products/services and those of the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • Providing a respectful and professional service within a human rights framework.

Our values

  • Excellence:  we foster a culture of excellence in the delivery of our services
  • Openness: we demonstrate honesty, integrity, compassion and inclusion when delivering our services
  • Innovation: we challenge ourselves to seek new and improved work practices
  • Collaboration: we work through interaction and support in partnerships
  • Teamwork: we work together with respect, valuing staff expertise, professionalism and commitment.

Our support services

  • Funds Management
  • Taxation
  • Legal Counsel
  • Conveyancing