Fees for our estate administration services are based upon a capital commission based charge on a descending scale down to 1.1%.

  • We aim to be your choice for trustee services in the ACT.
  • We take our responsibility to the ACT Community seriously.
  • We do not exist to make a profit.
  • Our fees and charges are based on our costs of operation and competitive with the private sector.
  • We are a self-supporting agency, our revenue being largely derived from fees and charges.
  • Our fees and commissions are set by the ACT Attorney General and adjusted annually in accordance with the CPI.

The Public Trustee and Guardian has discretion to discount or waive determined fees for reasons such as hardship.

Before you engage us, or any other provider of trustee services, we encourage you to discuss our fees with us as we believe that price comparisons should be made in full knowledge of the services provided.

For further information on our fees and charges please call our us on (02) 6207 9800.

More information: PTG - Fact sheet fees 332 KB