Philanthropy and your Will

Without gifts in wills, some charities would simply not exist. Others would have to make dramatic cuts and very hard decisions. Our community would be a very different, cold place.

Imagine a community in which there was no air ambulance, hospice or support group. 
Nowhere for abused children to turn. 
No organisation to care for abandoned or neglected animals.
No guide dogs for the blind, and limited medical research.
No-one to turn to at your blackest moment.

We have good reason to thank those who have remembered a charity in their Will.

The Foundation: GreaterGood is a public charitable foundation established by the Public Trustee and Guardian , with the support of a committee of community-minded citizens.

Tax exempt charity: GreaterGood holds Australian Taxation Office endorsement as an income tax exempt charity and its gift fund holds deductible gift recipient status.

  • Gift Fund: ABN 33 180 890 151
  • Open Fund: ABN 66 697 359 88

Capital gains tax benefits: Bequests of capital assets under your Will to the gift fund (where the underlying beneficiary has deductible gift recipient status) may carry capital gains tax benefits in your estate.

The People's Foundation: GreaterGood gives you, the people of the region, a convenient structure to deliver a permanent funding source to charities in the Capital Region and elsewhere.

Charity through your Will: After providing for family and friends in your will, you may wish to consider your favourite charitable or community causes.  Through the settlement of a capital sum by will, an income can be generated to ensure your philanthropic support of favourite charities can endure in your name.

The foundation concept is a convenient and ideal way of implementing your wishes through a named memorial fund associating your family name forever with the community you lived in and supported.

A gift forever: A bequest to GreaterGood is a gift forever, as the foundation will treat your gift as capital. While your capital is preserved, income generated is distributed regularly to your nominated charities.

Benefits for charity: Your nominated charities will receive a regular yearly income, which they can plan for and anticipate in their budgets.

Fund investment: The foundation funds are invested to generate income and capital growth through the security of the Public Trustee's sector-diversified Common Funds.

Establishment costs: There are no legal or set up costs when you give through GreaterGood. Your entire gift will go to work immediately earning income for your charitable cause.

Board: The operation of your bequest is overseen by the GreaterGood board, comprising persons with a degree of responsibility in the community who contribute their time and expertise free of charge.

Accountability: GreaterGood is audited annually and regular statements of your account are available.

A bequest to GreaterGood offers:

  • Convenient structure for gifts under will
  • Everlasting Income for charities
  • Ongoing donor recognition
  • Probity of a respected board and trustee
  • Capital Gains Tax benefits for bequests of capital assets to the gift fund
  • No establishment costs
  • Low fund fees
  • Security and Capital Growth

TO TRANSFER "insert amount or my residuary estate" to the Trustee for the CAPITAL REGION COMMUNITY FOUNDATION as administered by the Public Trustee and Guardian to be held in a fund entitled "insert name of memorial fund" in perpetuity and I DIRECT that the Trustee of the CAPITAL REGION COMMUNITY FOUNDATION pay and apply the net income therefrom or such other amount as my trustee deems appropriate to those of "insert names of charities"  as tenants in common in equal shares on a regular basis and I EXPRESS THE WISH that my said charities use such funds for "insert preference such as medical research if required" and I DIRECT that should at any time any such charity cease to exist then to such charity with similar aims and ideals as the trustee of the  foundation in its absolute discretion thinks fit pursuant to recommendations of the foundation board and I FURTHER DIRECT that the receipt of the secretary treasurer or such other proper officer from time to time of the said charities shall be a full and sufficient discharge to the Trustee of the said foundation.

Trustee contact details:

Public Trustee and Guardian
Ground Floor
221 London Circuit (Cnr London Crct and Nangari St)
Canberra City  ACT  2600
Tel: 02 6207 9800
Fax: 02 6207 9811