JACS4GreaterGood is a unique workplace-giving fund, which enables staff working within the Justice and Community Safety Directorate to create a lasting legacy to their chosen charities.

Under JACS4GreaterGood, PTG staff voluntarily donate money directly from their pay to benefit nominated charities. Donations are 100% tax-deductible and PTG makes an additional annual corporate donation to the fund.

The GreaterGood Executive Officer is available to assist you to establish a similar program in your workplace.

Our annual grant program

Moneys donated through JACS4GreaterGood are pooled with all funds invested by the Public Trustee and invested for growth.  At the end of each year, the income generated from this investment is distributed to charities decided by our workplace community.

By giving through JACS4GreaterGood:

  • the fund continues to grow perpetually
  • the benefit to charities increases every year
  • the donor receives 100% tax deductibility
  • it's a simple and convenient way of giving
  • every cent of every dollar goes to work for charity
  • charity receives a benefit free of any fundraising or administrative costs
  • a shared common community focus for employees